Hey all,

I recently bought a Behringer X V-Amp on the cheap, but it didn't include a power supply. Can anyone who owns this pedal please tell me the polarity of the power supply (i.e., whether the tip should be negative or positive)? I have tried asking a question on Behringer's online support tool, but I still haven't heard back after a few weeks.

I don't know, but how does it sound?
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I don't know, but how does it sound?

I haven't tried plugging it in yet; I know from experience that plugging the power supply in with the wrong polarity causes problems (last time it was a big bang and some replacement parts! - not what I want to have to do with a pedal which cost me NZD $30!)
OK, just tried plugging it in with a negative tip, positive sleeve, and it powered on OK... But just a humming when plugged in. Wrong polarity, or faulty pedal?

EDIT: Definitely positive tip required, got an email from Behringer. Faulty pedal then?
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