Well, I bought a guitar and have had it sitting around for a bit (electric guitar obviously). I just don't know where to start learning and where to progress. Getting a teacher is kind of my last option. I know how to pick, how to hold the guitar, the very, very basics. Does anyone have any tips, or any websites that can show me where to start and go from there? I think I should learn scales or something, but I'm not even 100% sure on that. A good website with videos and maybe progressing levels would help a lot. Thanks a lot!

P.s. I listen to metal, but I doubt that helps much for beginner level stuff
When I first got my first guitar... I just played around and plucked strings and stuff just to get the feel.

Maybe that's whyat you should do. Learn Smoke on The Water on one string or some sh*t.
If you're into punk, this video has literally all you need to know:


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i started by learning the standard open-string chords. then, really the only way to get better is to learn songs. my first songs included sunshine of your love, and dirty little secret. they arent along the lines of the music you listen to, but they are easy and teach you basic power chords, hammer ons, pull offs, slides, and bends.

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Actually, the first thing I learned besides the basics was the most basic of all scales.

Hit the first, then second, then third fret, then switch strings until you get from the 6th to 1st strings and then backwards. About a week after that, I learned Don't Fear the Reaper, and I just did a little improv and came up with smoke on the water. Just play around and you'll get the idea for the most part, otherwise, read the stickies in the techniques board, they're very helpful.
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just starting out, need to learn the notes on each fret on each string
then work on major and/or pentatonic scale
BUT the main thing is to have fun, enjoy your time with the guitar, try to learn some simple songs and practice.
being too serious starting out will make you lose interest
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as for websites... umm... Ultimate-Guitar.com
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Best thing to do is to just practise how you feel comfortable, for example play songs you like, practise somewhere where it's comfortable (on the sofa etc.) and I think you get my drift.

You don't need to take professional lessons, obviously it helps, but you can just as easily teach yourself, Youtube can be a great help for that.