Looking for a Guitarist, Bassist or Drummer.

Looking for someone influenced by bands like Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Machine Head, and Hammerfall. It is a plus if you know some 'style'…like blues, jazz, or funk. We want some uniqueness to our music, while still being fierce.

We also know local metal acts, and would be able to function well as a part of the music community.

This is not some pussy metalcore like Avenged Sevenfold or Trivium. We do not wear makeup, we do not overstyle our hair, and we play hard and fast. We are going to be the real deal.

Age range is preferred to be at or under 20.
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man, i heard megadeth, arch enemy, blues, and funk, I'ld like to try out for the guitarist slot, but im in florida(the place sux **** down here tbh)

well, good luck man
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If you think Florida sucks for music, you should see Chicago

Imagine all the guitarists, bassists, and drummers you want. Except they all play stupid soft rock.

Anyway, good luck for you as well
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dude i would be there in a heartbeat, but im in alabama, where everyone plays emo and ****ing country music....im a straight up metal bassist lol
where are u in chicago?

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You still looking for someone? Are you in the southside of Chicago?
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