I'm a bassist/drummer/guitarist (played drums for 4 years, better at bass ( 3 years) / could suffice as a rhythm guitarist worst comes to worst)

Im looking for anybody that would be interested in would be interested in making music to in the same genre as

Dinosaur Jr.
Alice in Chains
The Pixies
Pearl Jam
Sunny Day Real Estate
Foo Fighters (early)

Basically a grunge sound though im not aspiring to copy something thats already been done.

I'm a songwriter and a lyricist but im pretty free about working toghether to change stuff and really receptive to any thing that any one else does.

I'm 16 and would prolly like there to be no more than a one year age difference between the people in the band. so like an age range of 15 - 17

Let me know if your interested.
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