Alright, I was looking at the reviews for this amp and thought it was a pretty sick head. I want a mix of Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell/Metallica, but I also want really nice cleans. Do you guys think this would be a good amp for me?

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Yes, put simply.

My m8 has one and it is insanely good for the price. Excellent metal tones, alright cleans and you can get a nice rock tone out of it.
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well from what ive heard....yes definately

especially for the price

im gonna pick myeslf one up soon

but dont get the cab!!!! find a nice cab to go with it
the amp is GREAT i have the head and combo version of the 6262. bought the 6262-212 back in early 2008 and loved it, a freind of mine bought the head version and then moved into an apartment and had to sell the head cause it was too loud for the new place. sold it to me for $450!...so im now trying to sell my combo. i got a NEW one in the mail a few days ago cause they apparently upgraded the wiring and now solder all wires to the PCB instead of using clips, and they recalled my old one.

but yeah tha amps are great and the cabs are pretty decent to. very well matched to the heads
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Quote by geetar_man0

but dont get the cab!!!! find a nice cab to go with it

the cab is nice even with the stock speakers
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