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My band plays in D standard, and I was wondering what would be the best gauge to use for that tuning? I have a five string, and right now I'm using Ernie Ball regular Slinkies. (45-65-80-100-130) Also, on one other note, I do use the Low A a bit in our songs so I will need a pretty thick string. The reason I ask this is because I can't seem to find any strings heavier than the regular slinkies on musician's friend. Also, should i just order a really thick 4 string set and then just look for a single 5th string? Thanks everyone.

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Try Power Slinkies. They're 135-105-85-70-50

Your not tuning down super low, so I imagine that would be fine. If the strings are still too floppy try going up another .05 across the board.
ya i just ordered some power slinkys off of musicians friends that were 55-75-90-110. But thats more for like drop c or something like that.
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i got a set of 45 - 105 gauge roto swing 66's and they were great for D standard. i say WERE, my cousin got hold of them aswell as a pair of bold cutters
EDIT: i use a 4 string
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The 130 will proabably be ok for D standard on a 5 string as long as it's 35" scale but I'm not totally sure on that. been awhile since I played a 5 string or more for my main bass. I would suggest a 105 85 65 45 set for the rest.
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