Hey People

I need some rock/metal band recomendations.. I like Muse, Red hot chili peppers, Rage against the machine, Slipknot, Trivium.....

Just mention a few bands to me please!!
dream theater.
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Butterfly Effect (Prog Rock)
Tyr (Prog/Folk)
Symphony X (Prog/Power)
Manegarm (Black/Folk)
Nevermore (Prog/Thrash)
King Diamond (Heavy Metal)
Savatage (Heavy Metal)
Opeth (Prog Death)
Primus (Funk metal/rock)
Vader (Death)

There's quite a bit of variation in there, i'm sure you'll find somethin you'll like...
One Minute Silence (hard rock/rapcore)

more RATM-type rapcore. very political. good stuff; disbanded, sadly, but still awesome. check Rise And Shine and South Central.

Absolution Project (hard rock/nu-metal)

the good stuff. nu-metal that has some point to it. infused with some hard-rock influences. their stuff is hard to find but if you're into that kinda thing it'll definitely be worth it. Complicated is a great one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zvlUA-6YSU

Can never go wrong with good 'ol Mercury. Obviously you've listened to them, appreciate them more than that **** 'Metal'.
Prepare to enter the scary world of subpop and grunge:

Green River
Pearl Jam etc

Oh maybe alternative rock?
The Pixies
Sonic Youth
Dinosaur Jr etc

Maybe not, though you should definitely check Audioslave and Soundgarden I reckon they'd be to your liking.
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The Sword

heres a link to my fan group for them. i have some of their songs on it so u can give em a listen and join the group if you like them
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Thanks Peoples!!!!!!!

I Will Try These Bands!!!!

Thank U So Much!!

Make sure you try AiC first.
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I was going to say Muse but then noticed your sig.
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