I was recently bought an "Ashland by Crafter SF 70 CEMS" electro acoustic six-string by my son and daughter as a gift. I have a LANEY GC 80 amp and have recently begun jamming with some friends.
Having experienced some low level feedback with the Crafter at home, I purchased a sound-hole cover which seemed to do the trick at least when playing in my front room.
However, when we went to rehearse at a 30'x70' hall yesterday, I found that at only moderate volume levels the low level feedback was back with a vegeance !! I tried placing the Laney in several positions to no avail and had to swap to a solid electric to get rid of the problem.
Unfortunately, I really would like to use the Crafter for some of the songs we do so would appreciate any ideas as to how to deal with the feedback......( without resorting to dumping the guitar ! ) Are there any in-line devices that minimise feedback or should I consider fitting a different sort of pick-up to the guitar. Incidentally, I do like the guitar both in playability and tone.
Thanks in advance.


I see you're new here, so you probably haven't noticed that this forum is actually for forum-related questions only... Guitar-related questions such as this one should go in the dedicated forum: Acoustic Forum

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Cheers, and welcome!