(UK) Gordon smith Graduate guitar and a 15w valve amp for sale,open to offers

I have a Gordon Smith Gradute slimline,on the GS website they are £787 new (plus postage) and this has a flame type finish which isnt featured and I think was a special,and cost more.

I am looking for £575 ovno including delivery, bank transfer would be best,but paypal would be ok if we went half on the fees.

I also have for sale a crate 15w all tube amp, lovely tones on this,I have found it to be a great recording amp,and loud enough for rehearsals. Great sound on this very warm,and handles my pedals very well.
it has a vox like tone,and has excellent reviews on the net, they are usa made, and very peavey meets vox.

Vintage Club 2110. It's 15watt - ALL tube 2 x EL-84's, 1 x 12AX7

I am happy to post it for you,and it will be very well wrapped, I also am happy to take bank transfer,cheque or cash on collection. I would prefer this to paypal.but will accept paypal as well.

£225 ovno for the amp. not sure on derlivery costs, will have to find out as I have never sent an amp before.
<a href="http://s25.photobucket.com/albums/c94/heydebaser/?action=view&current=BOnKI0BWkKGrHgoH-DkEjlLly2R-BJvj6nK.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c94/heydebaser/BOnKI0BWkKGrHgoH-DkEjlLly2R-BJvj6nK.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
come on guys its an £800 quid, hand made guitar,with hand made pickups,high quality woods, and stunning sounds,coil tapped as well, its in great condition and its got a rare flame type top.
I am only asking £565 but will take a trade or offer
Hi, I was really after a strat, but will be interested in most things, what do you have ?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWdwQ4Hu9C8 its a lot like this,just minus the strange guy, he sounds cool when he plays metal though.

the pick ups on the GS can handle anything, jazz,rock,indie,metal, and the coil taps just make it even easier to create more sounds. I find the neck very comfortable. I kind of miss not having a strat though,or tele.

Amp wise laney vc30,orange tiny terror,vox ac ??

let me know mate, would be cool to trade
I have got a few of the things your after!! 09 american standard strat, 07 american standard tele and an orange tiny terror!!

BUT...you cant have any of them because they are my beauties!!

I have got and epiphone valve junior (new valves, hammond 125dse transformer, tweed tone mod, few component changes to tighten up the bass, 4,8 & 16 ohm taps) and an epiphone les paul standard with sd alnico pro 2 p'ups.

I am after a strat really, but thanks anyway, I will take £500 for the Gordon smith, if its done today or tomorrow, thats the lowest I am going to go on it, as its a stunning guitar and a great price, the action on Gordon Smith guitars is unbelivable, I dont know how they do it.

I would like one of the GS strats/teles - I have seen a few american strats go for silly money at the moment, and I recently bought a 90`s usa telecaster for £400, anyway still open to trades, tokais,fenders,burnys etc
I really wish emad would write this somewhere in gear ads.. But if you send the money as a GIFT on paypal then there is no fees whatsoever. 'Tis in my blog.
i think they changed that on paypal, so you still have a fee now.

open to trades on this guitar now, and cash offers, have had a lot of interest but nothing I quite like enough to part with it, as its such a great guitar.

Cash wise,anything considered, offers welcome