I just started playing and have a question about chords. There are hundereds of chords,do you really need to know tons of chords to play rock or metal. Or do they stick to basic chords while doing hammer ons,pull offs,etc.
You don't have to know many chords but if you want to be good at writing, a strong knowledge of harmony is definitely helpful.

If you learn the theory behind chord construction, you will be able to work out how to form certain chords yourself.
Dude, if your a beginner just focus on your open chords and/or power chords

and then learn barre chords, you probably dont have to know hundreds of chords to play metal, but who knows, some players do easy things fast, some do random chords that you wouldn't know and make very technical work

It all really depends on whos playing, in general, id say probably more normal chords with soloing and things around them

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There are really only a handful of basic chords and all those other chords are just elaborations, alterations, inversions and extensions of those same basic chords. Once you learn some of the basic concepts behind the construction of those different kinds of chords it becomes much easier to "manage" the hundreds of chords quickly and easily in your mind.

To answer your question honestly though, No. You don't need to know many chords at all to play rock or metal. You could get away with learning one chord shape and sliding it around the fretboard, or just sticking to riffs without using many chords at all. etc.

But for interesting music that offers variety you will in some songs want to try some more interesting or "exotic" chords. But you don't have to even know what they are. You just have to find some notes that sound good together and inspire you creatively. Of course knowing what chord it is might be helpful in communicating your musical ideas to other people.

Best of Luck.
In reply to 20Tigers - I think it is important to be able to identify the chords if you are using odd harmonies though. If you plan to have melodies over the top it will make the job a lot easier.

Whilst trial & error works for some people, it is incredibally frustrating and knowledge of theory helps you find the notes you are looking for a lot faster. That and a well trained ear, ofcourse.

Granted, it's not 100% necessary, but it makes life a lot easier.
you dont have to know anything. It's smart to learn as much as you can (something I cant say I've done) but you never have to do anything