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I usually don't have that much problem with accidental open notes, but when they do come along they make a lovely habit of putting me right off. Is there any way I can reduce this, I see people with like, hairbands over the nut, is that for this reason?

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I think so.....like wen the musicians in the studio record and they put a cloth near their upper frets when they're soloing etc. besides thats, there's muting with your palm and a lot of practice, off the top of my head.
Yeah, i used to play with a wristband over the nut, and move it up over the first few frets when i played solos. It just annoyed me too much though, so i took it off. The best way to mute is with your palm and the fingers you arent using.
Just practice. This usually, for the most part, occurs when your playing fast and technically. You just need to practice your licks and what not more. Try playing slower then speed it up.
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be aware of what strings you're playing and what strings you're not playing and position your palm to kill off any noise. it might slow you down a bit at first but it'll become second nature after a bit of practice.