Poll: Digitech or Line 6?
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Digitech RP250
6 26%
Line 6 Floor POD
17 74%
Voters: 23.
Hey guys I need help in deciding which processor to buy. A Line 6 Ploor POD, or a Digitech RP250. Which one is better?
Out of those two, a Pod.
Something that allows for stompbox selection of effects (Digitech GNX, Boss GT) would be worth saving a little bit of extra cash for.
Like the above posters said, I'd try to scrape together a little more cash. But between those two, I'd go with the Pod.
Thanks guys but I dont want to spend too much on a processor because I already have a few single effects pedals that i need, and only want this to add to my rig for more variety. Also, I am trying to save enough for PRS Tremonti guitar.
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Anyone else?

I think it's obvious enough that the Pod > any lower-end Digitech multi-FX.