What is the Vox Tonelab Multi-FX pedal like?

Is it better or worse than similary priced Digitech, Boss and Kine 6 products?

And what is the amp modelling like...what kind of amp would you use it with...like a basic tube amp?
i used to have a Tonelab LE with a Laney LC15r and it worked great. Most natural sounding amp models in my opinion. I have only tried the Boss GT-3 and it is a lot better than that.

I dont think it does metal too well though, so it depends what you are into. Anything up to Slash type stuff it does the best imo. There is a sweet child o' mine cover on my profile or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SziUDRBEJZY that is a fairly accurate representation of what it sounded like in my room.

If cleans all the way up to hard rock is your thing then this is the best, but if you play metal (and by looking at your current gear i feel you might!) then id look elsewhere
Hmm I'm thinking of just using it for Effects and recordings on a tube amp, and also as a wah...how would t hold up for that?
You're better getting compact effects of what you really need.

Putting a multi through a tube will just sound like a modelling amp, it completely wrecks the tone. Is the the amp in your sig? Because that's not full a tube.

The wah is OK, but is really fiddely, you have about five controls for it.

Just get the effects you REALLY need, a multi has alot of pointless effects on it.
Hmm basically when I get a new amp, I'll need a Wah, Delay and comp, so it would be cheaper or better buying Wah, Delay and Comp pedals than getting a multi-effects with it all built in?

What about recording?

And also, do Wahs work good with modelling amps like mine?
ahh right, for what you want it for you are a lot better off getting the separate effects. I used to own an AD50VT and my Slash wah worked great with that - with my experience wahs work great with anything...