by identifying these pedals please?

I am unaware of the grey one, which I suspected may be an early Big Muff, but the pedal shown is a lot smaller than most Big Muffs.

The others for sure are:

Digitech Whammy
Dunlop Crybaby
MXR Carbon Copy.
XOTiC BB Preamp (Booster)
Boot-Leg Spiral (Phaser)
MI Audio Boost 'n' Buff

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Pretty sure that the orange/red pedal is an MXR Dyna Comp. Possibly the vintage model.

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No I can't find it on any of Keeley's or Cmatmods' sites. It could possibly be a DIY kit of some kind.
the green one might say boot leg on it. have you checked their pedals?
who's pedal board is it?

maybe a bootleg spiral?
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