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I've got ghs guitar boomers LOW (so D standard and drop C)
€10,,they're mindblowing ! Ö
I personally love Elixir Nanowebs
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personaly d'addario 9-42s or elixir nanowebs.

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Ernie Ball Skinny Tops Heavy Bottoms.
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Ernie Ball Hybrids.
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I prefer Ernie Ball Super Slinkys


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Used to use Fender Bullets Super or Extra on my Gibsons but Ernie Ball Super Slinky or D'adario muck are all I can get locally. So Ernie Ball are fine.
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i like ernie ball super slinky or hybrid, they cheap so thats nice, other than i like the sound, due to price i can change them more often without having to worry about my pockets =D
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I personally love Elixir Nanowebs

bulk win. i prefer these to the dean markley blue steel versions.
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I prefer Ernie Ball Super Slinkys

Me too
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I prefer Ernie Ball Super Slinkys too.
Well, whatever the Pink ones are.
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i'm using now Ernie Ball Super Slinkys, the best strings i ever used, Elixir Nanoweb are also very good.
Am currently using Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkys (The yellow ones), but am going to switch over to D'addario single string sets so I can get a wound G string.
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I use power slinkys.

11's work wonders.
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Mostly whatever I can get my hands on haha. I usally use ghs boomers though.
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Personally, I prefer Elixir Nanowebs, .09 for my strat, .10 for my PRS copy, thinking of stepping each up a gauge after trying a telecaster strung with .10's though. Also may switch to EMP strings, as, according to a guy who recommended them to me, they're like Elixir's, but the coating doesn't fade as fast, though I'll wait until I restring with them to decide that.

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Ernie ball Slinky top, heavy bottom: low strings stay in tune high strings still thin enough for soloiing
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I've been a D'Addario 10-46 user for many years, but I've recently changed to Ernie Ball Power Slinkies (11-48) and Beefy Slinkies (11-54) and I'm quite pleased with them.
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Ernie Ball, Slinky's 10-46. Or Rotosound Yellows 10-46
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slinkys kick ass
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ESP: Rotosound 9's or Ernie Ball Super Slinky
65 Strat: currently DR 10's...( i will change to Ernie Ball 10's or Rotosound 10's)
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personaly d'addario 9-42s or elixir nanowebs.

I just restringed today from fender strings i guess .. I think it's funny that changing strings can change the tonality so much :P
EB 'Not Even Slinky' 12-56 for me.

The best option for drop-D-down-a-step and beyond.

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Elixer Nanoweb
various sets from .9-.42 to .10-.46 to .12-.56 to .9-.42 w/ a .56 and a .68 on the 8. Best strings on the market.
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