hey guys

im new here trying to make friends and gain guitar buddies all over the world =D

my background: 14 year old person who likes to play guitar

here are my two covers,

Technical Difficulties, By Paul Gilbert (Racer X)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjKoHJXWQlY&feature=channel (watch other part too, upload speed sucks)

Fatal Tragedy Solo, Dream Theater:

thank you and i hope you enjoy my covers
nice cover of the solo, i really liked it
My gear:

Memphis les paul (fixin it up as we speak!)
Schecter C1 plus
Ibanez RX 240 (been sold)
Peavey envoy 110 (Pretty dang good!)
Some washburn acoustic...
Nice. For how long have you been playing?
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Quote by Capt_Clarkson
I dont see why you have to mention your age, that isnt a factor

because i want to make friends, and id make friends with people around my age group
It was good, your notes were there and all but the sound they made just didn't seem right, you could hear them but they weren't all clear but hey, you've got some chops there, just need to work a bit on clarity and your bending otherwise, good job!