I was going to buy a Line 6 Floor POD Plus. Then, I looked into a whammy more, and realised it has:

A Harmonizer
Octave generator
Whammy (obviously)

My question is:

Do I buy the Floor POD and have all my effects in one, or buy the Digitech Whammy and buy individual individual pedals for better tone, but hella more money?
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The Whammy is more of a novelty then anything.
I think you'd be using effects more then the Whammy effects.
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Well, I detune all the time.

Also Tom Morello is one of my favvorite guitarists so I could harmonize solos and and stuff for when I write songs
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the whammy is overrated, i bought one but it wasn't worth it and the harmonization sounds awful.
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The Whammy is good at what it's for. Medium quality octave generator/harmonizer for a good price, not gonna get something better until you bump up to the EHX POG, and the Whammy has an edge for live playing with the foot pedal. But it really depends on if you personally use it, because if it's considered a novelty to you, then it will be a novelty to you and you won't take it seriously when you write songs.

...Now that my rant is over, I say go with the Whammy. You would want to change to single effects after a while. Multi's get old.

Well does the Line 6 have the pitch shifter/whammy like effects? My BOSS does and it sounds great, but then again diff companies blah blah blah......Best thing to do (if it does) is to try it out. Most GC's have pods out to try.
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the whammy is amazing, i bought one and it was awesome and the harmonization sounds beautiful.

Why, I believe you are right! You do have great taste in pedals!
Personally, I'd go with the Whammy. I have one and I love it. I also use single stomp box effects with it and they sound a lot better than the Pods IMO. Go for the Whammy and the stompboxes!
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The only thing on the market better than the Whammy pedal is the EHX HOG, which is more than twice the price, and accordingly more versatile.
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Quote by mergapoot
the whammy is overrated, i bought one but it wasn't worth it and the harmonization sounds awful.

you are aware that its chromatic harmonisation rather than diatonic harmonisation right? so if you play a melody wanting it to be harmonized and you use the whammy, its not going to sound good, you need another guitarist or a pedal that can harmonize in key

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You can set the whammy to harmonize in specific intervals depending on whether you rock the pedal forward or backward. It's not intelligent harmonization, but you can do what you want with it.

In the long run you will prefer getting individual stompboxes. I suggest buying the ones that are essential (delay, overdrive, fuzz, perhaps chorus, phaser, reverb) before blowing your cash on a pedal that's more of a novelty like the Whammy.


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The Whammy wouldn't be very useful, IMO.

Get a Small Clone Chorus, Phase 90, Carbon Copy/DD-7, 10 Band EQ instead.

That will do you more good.
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Well you can get the whammy, then play one pantera song, laugh at the novelty factor and the detuning stuff. Then let it collect dust in the corner. It's a nice pedal mind, but don't pick it over conventional effects, people in this thread are right about that.
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