I made an MP3 clip of the EHX English Muffin, ProCo Rat, and the right side of the VS Jekyll & Hyde. It's some ZZ Top riffage played though each pedal to give you an idea of how they compare on that particular tone.

It's a bit subjective how to adjust each pedal to show it off the best on this clip, but I tweaked them for a while to what I thought was the best tone that was similar on all three.

Look for "English Muffin, Rat, Jekyll&Hyde Compare" in my profile.
Very cool. I the Rat. The VS is kinda meh in my opinion.


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I'm find of surprised that you're the only comment. Maybe they think my crappy playing doesn't warrant an opinion.

It's hard to make a true comparison without going through a variety of settings. I like the Muff'n the best. But it's over double the cost of a Rat and twice the size on the pedal board. The J&H is a good alternative and offers the Tubescreamer type OD on the left side. I'm using a Epi SG G400 and have a F&C eq with a bit of treble boost in front. The Rat seemed to like the treble boost the least and I had to work on dialing it in to compensate. I wanted the same signal going in to all 3. The Rat will brighten up your tone for sure.
the muffin is MUCH different from the others- and personally my favorite.

the others were too bright for me tbh
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I'd go with the RAT also. That Guitar and Flute was pretty cool also on the other one.
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That Guitar and Flute was pretty cool also on the other one.
Thanks Scott. That was a Marshal Tucker Band inspired thing.

I prefer the English Muffin the most. I'm able to dial in what to me is a more "open" sound. Not sure if that makes sense, but the Rat and the J&H sound kind of like you're listening through a tube. The Muff'n has a 3 band EQ, whereas the Rat only has a filter control. The J&H right mimics the Rat with the same filter control but adds a tone control. The Rat has a crisper sound than the J&H.

Given that the Rat is $90 and the Muff'n is $200, the Rat is a good alternative and one of the pedals I wholeheartedly recommend for a classic rock crunch. You can crank the gain and the filter on the Rat and get a Big Muff tone as well. The J&H is $150 and has the added value of a tubescreamer on the left side. The drawback is that you are stuck with both pedals and lack the flexibility to mix it up.
I like the Muff'n the best as well.
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