Hey guys

So I'm a bit of a newbie to the guitar-playing world, and my brother won't help me out, just wondering if anyone can take a listen to the below track:


And possibly work out how the hell you play that opening riff? Is it just one guitar? How do you play it?!?

I'd love some help as I really like the song.

Thanks everyone!

been a member since '03, and your STILL a n00b?

it could be one guitar with an echo effect
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Delay, yeah, or a lot of reverb. Try this with a whole lot of reverb:
[font="Lucida Console"]

Or something like that.

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Thanks guys ill give it a try!

And yeah this accuonts been around for a while...It's my brothers but im new to the guitar. Thanks!
Anyone got any suggestions! Help me out! I'm a girl I'm rubbish at this kinda stuff heh

jeez 03??? thats like wen UG was first made!
anywayz order ur brother to help u and curse him out its always nice to have someone teach u
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