Hello there, i made this thread to ask you RG people whether the 23rd-24th fret on your guitar are overhang frets? or is the neck directly underneath these frets?

The reason i ask this is that i figured that for some fun later on in the year maybe i may buy a Rg body and carve it up a bit and add all the rest..you know,a lazy man's "build" and being that i never needed/will need 24 frets i was just wondering whether standard RG's are build with a normal neck pocket with two overhanging frets or not?

Thank you.

EDIT: Thank you....and thats a shame
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My RG470 has about half a fret of overhang, the rest is in the pocket
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Everything before the AANJ is supposedly a standard Fender heel with overhang, and everything since 1991 or so that's AANJ has no overhang.
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