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So, the search feature is currently not working, so I'm sorry if this has been addressed before. I'm currently looking for a nice SS amp that sounds good without having to be cranked. I love a nice clean sound, but also play a lot of distorted stuff like Arctic Monkeys, Weezer, etc.

I know that the JC has a great clean sound, but I'm not sure of the distortion. So, question is, how does the JC take pedals? I know SS aren't famous for taking pedals, but how is the JC? Also, anything info related to a JC is welcome.

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Looks good to me, the vid posted right above me shows that the amp takes pedals well

The best part is when they use the synth to play jazz...that was awesome lol
The cleans will be awesome.

It probably is the BEST amp for pedals, the boss guys just use it with their pedals for everything else.

It's an awesome amp, but just keep in mind that your overdrive tones will be lackluster with pretty much any pedals. Cleans will still be awesome though. It depends on how much you play cleans and ovedriven tones, there's plenty of amps out there that will sound great at lower volumes with good cleans and good overdrive tones as well.
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