guys, already had my bugera6260 combo for months, so far really satisfy for wat is does until now, at least for the price sake.

However tried using Mesa express today at local guitar store, found that even its just a 1x10 combo, i can really can a THICK PUNCHY RHYTHM voicing or sound from it, not to mention the amps clarity even with the gains full up, however i CANT quite get the clarity when using LEAD channel using my bugera6260, wondering IF its the TUBE that matters?

Will change/upgrade preamp tube or poweramp tube replacement makes any difference??

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You're comparing a high quality hand made amp (granted it's one of the worst mesa has made it's a still a pretty good amp) against a chinese made clone. Tubes might help but it really comes down to the amp. What kind of tubes are in there now?
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hi there, fyi its a stock tube, never changed anything til then, think its the stock Bugera tube. cheers. guess i'll have to save for the best, get a REAL Mesa instead.. hmm...