Well, I really like the song Fly Away by The Living End, so today I sat down and started trying to analyze its key etc.
Result: ...WHA?
Taking the chords in the pre-chorus and breaking them down, I arrived at an almost full chromatic scale (C and F missing), which I have no idea what to do with. The verse did make some sense, couldn't determine between Bmaj and Emaj thou, and the intro chord made no sense together with the rest of the song, and before I got to the solo I gave up and came here. I could understand if the song felt dissonant like most fall of troy stuff, but this is rather bluesy actually.
What is going on in this song?
(I played along with the song, and it seemed pretty perfect. Don't know about the solo thou)
I would say it is in the key of B. Notice the I IV V Pattern in the beginning. However, with tabs its different because looking at every note is often misleading. Listen to the song and see what chords resolve the dissonance and which create it and then it should be apparent.

EDIT: Also, the tab is mostly showing open 5ths, or power chords, and therefore loses the tonality and diatonic chords of the specific key. Taking into account the chromaticism, it could be a pentatonic progression. Me and my band director ran into a similar problem analyzing big chief by professor longhair.
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