Hi all
I am new on here and I'm looking for some help.

Here goes, please bear with me...

The guy who owned my guitar amp (randall warhead 2x12) put in new speakers but bought 2 x 16 ohm speakers instead of 2 x 4 ohm. The amp puts out an 8 ohm load so I gather the speakers now have to be wired in parallel instead of series.

The guy has wired it as follows:

+ output wire to speaker 1 + connection
- output wire to speaker 2 - connection

then the speakers are linked as follows:

+ speaker 1 to + speaker 2
- speaker 1 to - speaker 2

I have done some reading and a couple of websites say it just a matter of connecting the +s from the amp output to the +s on the speakers and the same with the -s, so technically that is what he has done.

My issue is the pictures on the sites show it wired slightly different, as in the speakers not being linked together, if you know what I mean.

I'm getting there...

I have two speaker outputs on the back of the amp so I thinking the best thing is to run two speaker cables from the amp and then connect them + to +, and - to -.

like this

output1 output2
+ - + -
\ \ / /
/ / \ \
\ \ / /
+ - + -
Speaker1 Speaker2

The reason I am asking this question is that I cranked up the amp the other day and it didn't sound that loud considering the output is rated at 150 watts. I was thinking that if it was wired wrong it might only be putting out half the output because of the wrong resistance/impedance, or something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is "dude, take it an amp repair shop..."