Hello UG users. I'm 13 and i just passed the proficiency exams. So, my father will buy a guitar for me. Specifically I want a Jackson KV2 which is a superb guitar! I live in Greece and here in Greece, it is difficult to find one and the prices are above 3000€ (3800$) Is Guitar Asylum a good site for this purchase and if i buy from USA, will i have to pay extra money for declare, shipment etc? Do you have something better to suggest? I would appriciate it if you reply to my thread.


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this site seems to be a pro quality shop, which explains the high prices.

If you're going to have it shipped from America, try:

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I don't know where you live in Greece, but I live in Thessaloniki and there are quite some good guitar stores that sell expensive guitars, there's also Adagio, it's pretty well know, there's one store in Athens (Halandri I think) and on in Thessaloniki.

Not sure about your site though.
is it your first guitar? i would buy a cheaper guitar than,
imagine you don't really like it?
Don't know about int'l, but its a good shop for high-end gear, I got my axe there, good pple working there too.
It's not my first one . I play about two years and i have progressed quickly as a player