I've been reading the reviews for these two starter amps. One user says they're the same amp but the latter has the added effects. Is this true? If both were the same price, which one should I get? Is either one at an advantage or disadvantage, or is it purely the added effects in the DFX Marshall that set the two apart?
idk about them.. but for 100 get a peavey vypyr its more versital and will keep you happy alot longer then the marshall.. it does take a little bit to get used to it
Effects are the only things that separate them. If they are he same price, go for the DFX. The reverb really helps you get a better tone out of it (which MG's desperately need.) However, don't put all your faith in online reviews. Every review I read for the 15fdx said it compares to $400 dollar amps, and trust me, it don't.
I had the DFX for almost a year, paid $60 used. The clean is okay but the distortion channel is terrible and the effects aren't great. I sold mine for $50 recently because my new Kustom Tube 12 is much better. Anyways I don't recommend getting either, you're far better off getting a small used tube amp.
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None of the marshall MG series are very good. But the only dif is the FX. If you have a multiFX or other pedals then you wouldnt need the DFX.