I've recently got a new acoustic from a friend for a good price. I now have some money left over and would like a new electric guitar. I have about $400 plus a MIM Tele I can sell/trade. Guitar Center is having that 15% sale thing now and yesterday i went and played several different guitars. The two that really stuck out to me were the MIM strat and the Ibanez RG3EXFM1.

I play everything. Blues/jazz/shred just whatever(major bands would be John Mayer/Hendrix/Paul Gilbert/Eric Johnson/Wes Montgomery). I play a lot of small gigs with friends. So what i'm asking is which guitar would be better for me? I would have enough money to upgrade pickups in either guitar. Thanks in advance.

Oh and my amp is a Peavey Valveking.
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I prefer strats, so I'm gonna say get a MiM strat and get some new pups.
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i wud go for the strat, but i dont really like ibanez, if you play everything i wud def go for mim as it has much more versatility

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With your range of music I would definitely go with the strat, unless you do A LOT of shredding I would check out the Ibanez. But the strat wouldn't be terrible for shredding either.

It's all personal preference, but if I was in your situation I would go with the MIM Strat especially for the versatility.
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I would get the Fat Strat and upgrade the pickups with whatever best fits your style
MIM strats are the way to go, they sound and feel great, don't go for the fat strats, they are no good, and aren't like a les paul or a strat in my book
Try them both out and see which you like more.

Personally I would suggest the Strat.
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