My Dad works with a guy who plays guitar very well, and he's given me a few things before. He offered so sell me a Washburn amp for $100. The only problem is that I can't find any information at all about. The one thing I could find was an ad for selling one. The model is a Washburn SX65C. Here's a picture of the one from the add, not the one the guy is selling me. What do you think? Is it a good deal/amp?

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I certainly wouldnt pay 100$ for it. Being a washburn with no info available no telling who actually made it. Probably not washburn they most likely contracted out to another amp company and put washburn on the front. Thats not to say its a crap amp. Older SS stuff was usually made to higher standards then alot of the new stuff, ie not in china. I have an old dean markley bass amp somebody gave me works fine and sounds good, but I wouldnt have gave much money for it.
The only info that I could find on it was it was made between 1988-1991, its 65 watts, 2x10", and it has reverb, chorus, and footswitchable gain.

I'd say its worth $100