back again looking to play in drop C. cant get thicker strings because im at the thickest possible for the nut. my strings are still loose when in drop C. dont i adjust the saddle or something to change the string tension???
no. if you want thicker strings just widen the nut more.

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well i went to my local music store to see if i could get a light B string in the E nut, and my E string was thicker. So i have a pretty thick E string and i cant get really thick strings because i need to play in standard tuning at church every week.

so idk what to do :X
^I would second that, if not a five string, then a BEAD four string with a dedicated wide nut. Or you could play your church gig in Drop-C. I thought all the gospel guys played in low tunings anyway (something about the Spirit being in the subs...) but that might be a gross ignorance on my behalf between gospel and church.
Other ways of increasing string tuning, I suppose, would be to use through body stringing, or to use a different tuner arrangement (or monorail bridge setup), but that would mean a fair amount of modification. My vote goes to using a pair of basses, or possibly an octave pedal (on which there was a thread a while ago)