...What's the maximum wattage I can get out of it on a 16 Ohm cab? I've got myself all muddled up with it, and I don't know if its bridgable or not either. I'd really appreciate it if someone who owns it (or has better reading skills than I) could clarify.


Can also be found through a bit of navigation in here:


EDIT: My main problem is that I'm not sure it will go loud enough for gigs and things. I've found a crate powerblock on e-bay for £130. Is that a ripoff or should I go for it?
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first of, that link doesn't work.
and second, The impedance of a cab won't tell you what's the max wattage that you can get out of it.
That depends on how much watts the cab is..

Edit: Is it a 100W amp? if so, it's more than you'll ever need.
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link does work

The second does, if I click on the first I get this note:


Unfortunately, you've reached us via an outdated or invalid link - the requested page could not be found.

this is the right link:

it's only 28W so it's probably not enough unless you mic it up
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Sorry about that link - Don't know how that happened. I'm also sorry for the vagueness of my post - I was in a hurry.

The reason I want a power amp is for a reamping rig I'm building (if you don't know what reamping is then there are a couple of threads on here) but the basic idea is using a second power amp as a kind of master volume to get better tone at lower volumes. For this I need:

1x Headphone tap (already sorted this out)
1x SS Power amp with enough headroom to play gigs with - 75w?

I've found a crate powerblock on e-bay after posting this thread for £130, which I think is pretty good considering I live in the UK. But If I can't get that, are there any other power amps that fit the bill? It seems that there aren't many around that are specifically made for guitar, but any that will work would be good.

Thanks for the replies
With SS amps the more ohms the less power you will get. Can you rewire the cab for lower ohms? And can it be run in stereo? That amp at 4 ohms is 2x55w. Another issue with SS is it may be rated at 2x55 but thats cranked and SS starts to clip past 2/3 on the volume knob. So if you want 100w of clean power you will need a bigger amp say 200w or more.
I don't really want to have to rewire my 212 to 4 ohms, because sometimes I will need to use the head I already have, and that only has 16 and 8 ohm taps. I think I'm going to need a larger power amp..