I was wondering what type of distortion pedal I should get since the distortion on my amp doesn't seem to be cutting it lately.....

My amp is a Spider II 120 watt, if you know any decent distortion settings for it that would be nice too. What pedals are better compatible with this amp also?
Spider + distortion pedal = worse than the amps distortion

Just live with it or get a new amp
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its sad but true... an upgraded amp will be better... i'm a sucker for tube amps so anything tube would be my recommendation. NOT a Marshall MG, not that their tube but don't get sold on the marshall name.
However, to be relevent to the thread, if your amp already had good distortion, i would recommend a boss Blues driver, and everyone loves the Boss DS-1. but pedals would not be a wise investment at this point.
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It is not possible to get any better distortion than what you have right now unless you get a new amp.

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Spider + distortion pedal = worse than the amps distortion

Just live with it or get a new amp


A dist. pedal in front of Spider sounds worse than it's dist.

You need to save up your money for a new amp.
Valve Spider is fine, but make sure to try out others, just to be safe. Nothing worse than the horrible guilt that you could have bought something better for the same money (I'm not implying anything seriously!)

Also a good question to ask you is, do you REALLY need 100w of Tube power? You could cut that in half and use the money saved to get an even better sounding tone out of an amp. Just a thought eh?
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the best distortion pedal to get is a new amp.

and imo, the Spider Valve is just a huge gimic for line 6 to make even more money by selling crap
yah if your into distorted amps, check out peavey and marshalls on craigslist instead.

amps they make to look for.

5150/6505 for peavey, and the JCM900 by marshall.

if anything you could find either of those for 600 or lower and still have some money left over for a delay, sustain, and OD, EQ pedal, some fuzz, or even new mick ups.
The Spider Valve series is considerably better than the regular Spider series but why would you buy a Spider when you could get something like a Carvin Legacy for $800 (just an example). There are better amps out there for the same price.