Hi guys,

These are my latest lyrics, about the passing of my maternal grandfather 9 years ago. I was 13 at the time and it was my first experience of death, and I took it very badly. Although I have the excuse of youth, I'm not proud or happy of some of the things I did, but it's not the kind of thing you can easily apologise for. I wrote this song to try and examine and apologise, amongst other reasons.

As usual with my songs, there's no bridge yet - it depends whether I go with a musical bridge, i.e. an instrumental solo, or a vocal bridge. But apart from that, these lyrics are complete.

Please let me know what you think. Most importantly, PLEASE don't tiptoe around criticism because of the subject matter - I want this song to be PERFECT because anything less would cheapen the memory for me, so I'm after HONEST feedback! Help me make this song perfect for my grandfather's memory.


Last Lot

[Verse 1]
Today's the second and the first:
Month and day; the date today.
With every one of nine that's passed,
Our heavy hearts cast off more weight.

Please forgive my now infrequent reminiscences.
And understand I make no obeisance for the sake of it.
So when I’m stopped dead by an arresting thought of you
I can attest I’ve never found myself so overcome.

[Verse 2]
No one’s hardened to the world
At the ripe old age of twelve
Lacking tools to take on board
A void of your height, depth and breadth.

And in act of purest yellow I decided that
The greatest means to be a man and try to understand
Were thunderstorms, and bathroom DIY bloodletting schemes
But I achieved nothing but to tarnish memories.

I’ve always been the type who wants to be recognised as a man in his own right.
But it’d be a privilege to have such a blueprint and live a duplicated life.
We’re so blessed to be born of this house
I hope you’re looking proudly down on us.