Poll: Which Loop Pedal for acoustic jams
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Boss RC-2
0 0%
Boss RC-20XL
2 40%
Akia Headrush
2 40%
1 20%
Voters: 5.
ok so I know I've talked about this alittle bit on here before but GC is having their trade in and get 15% off deal and i think i may take advantage of it. now the question is what pedal I want to get a loop pedal and im torn which one to get

ps I'm aiming to do a mainly acoustic jam thing with it like KT tunstall as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4r5PlXh17w
I have the RC-2, and it's fine for practice and maybe recording. If you plan on gigging with it I'd go for the RC-20. Although I don't have the extension pedal for the RC-2 which would probably make it pretty useful.
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Without the extra pedal, you have to double stomp the pedal to get it to stop, which can is kind of a pain if you have to stop a loop mid-song.
RC-2 is a great pedal for practice (you can slow down loops, undo function, built in drum beats) but gigging with it would be a bit of a hassle.
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