I put the tremol-no into my RG yesterday, and today, for some reason, I get a much muddier sound on the low E; I kinda don't like it. Whats the chance it could be becuase of the grounding wire not being soldered to the claw? Its attached, but by another method.

I also kinda put on a new low E and its not put on amazingly. Could that be the problem?

It might be the string itself.
Id Get your ground soldered as well.
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hmm sounds probbaly like its just your sting/ re stringing. also do the soldering just in case, if all else fails it could be a problem with the bass sound from the amp
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did you change string gauge/brand?
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[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']^ Possibly your used to steel and you got a nickle string?


when i put my tremol-no in, i didnt change my strings (i know its a "no-no" but the strings were only a week old) and i noticed no difference in the low E, all i noticed was a slight different feel to how the bar felt when i did depress/pull it.
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