Okay here goes:

I have a Gibson SG Special (Faded Series) and I love it to death but I sincerely dislike the stock pickups' muddy-ness and lack of clarity. I currently have 600 dollars usd and am hoping for another 200 as soon as someone buys my BOSS ME-50. Now after hoping to do a few mods of asthetics, replacing tuners, possibly nut, and maybe getting a strat in the new future I really want to switch out the pickups for some better ones and so I'll pay the price but hope to stay below 300ish dollars.

So I was thinking the Bare Knuckle Warpigs. After things I have read, they are supposedly a match made in heaven for SG guitars and before I splurge on them I hope to get some reviews and possibly, maybe suggestions for different pickups. Also if suggesting the Warpigs, should I go ceramic or alnico for the bridge magnets?

Sounds hoping to be acheived:
An old school thrash metal Metallica/Megadeth sound.
A nice AC/DC crunch hard rock sound.
A Gary Moore/Slash-y smooth blues-rock sound.
Also your basicly nice-mellow neck pickup sound that I can go into raw blues territory with.

I know I have a lot of standards but why not settle for the best in my book in terms of what I am looking for.

As for what I am playing through: An Orange Tiny Terror w/ an Orange Speaker with a V30 and if need be a Fulltone OCD.

Thanks a lot guys.

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stick with the warpigs and personally id prefer the ceramics

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I'm thinking maybe painkillers mate. Or maybe even cold sweats!
But any of the BKP line will really make your guitar sing. I'm very happy with my warpigs, but it's more of the modern metal, huge bass type tone rather than vintage. Ask the people on the forums there, or Tim. He knows best!
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^War Pigs are much more vintage, tone wise, than that. Perhaps the fact that you're playing them in an Ibanez through a Mesa is making you think they're modern sounding. Of course they're still quite high output meaning they're not vintage by nature, but the tone swings that way.
Actually I'd go with Riff Raffs.
They're vintage output but they've got a kick to them and they have massive balls. The bass response is tight as spandex but not thin. They'll handle your metal nicely.
They nail the AC/DC sound.
The neck pickup will do Gary and Slash wonderfully (although for their sustain and thickness of tone you really need a Les Paul)
And it'll get nice and mellow if you roll down the volume on the neck pickup.

The War Pig would be perfect for you but it wouldn't do those mellow neck tones or singing Moore/Slash tones nearly as well as the Riff Raff. And while I'd normally reccomend a hot PAF as a happy medium, that kind of pickup doesn't really work in an SG.
send a email to tim at bareknuckle he's the designer and he'll let you know whats best for your guitar for the tones you want
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send a email to tim at bareknuckle he's the designer and he'll let you know whats best for your guitar for the tones you want


you could also head over to their forum.
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If you do decide to go the BKP route, a guy called Zimbloth over on the sevenstring.org forums is an authorised dealer in the states, might work out a bit cheaper.

His business is www.theaxepalace.com but you might be best making an account over there and talking to him directly about it, plus he can provide some recomendations also.

Edit - Here is his ad,

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The Warpig with a ceramic magnet is good for that kind of stuff especially Metallica/Megadeth.

But if you also want AC/DC and Guns N Roses then you should go with the Alnico V magnet.
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Warpigs are not what you need for the sounds you are after. Because you are looking at BKP I'll make some suggestions from Tim's line. In the neck I'd go with a Riff Raff. It's hot enough to give you great rock tone without being too dark or muddy. It's not going to have the smooth bluesy tone of Slash, but it will be smooth and bluesy but with a bit of bite at the same time. In the bridge for your more Megadeath stuff get a Painkiller.
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If you're in CA then another option to check out is Jim Wagner's pickups (based in Soulsbyville, CA). He's a bit like BKP in that he also has a small variety of high output winds, but he really excels more at that kind of overwound, hot PAF kind of sound that I think might really work well for you.


Something like the Fillmore set or Goodwood set might be right up your alley. He has some great soundclips on his site.


Bareknuckles are not necessarily the best pickups available, keep in mind that there are tons of guys who make excellent high end pickups, you just don't always hear about them except in smaller circles.
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