Ok. i am looking for 2 different single coil pickups. in the middle position i would like a pickup that sounds similar to an acoustic guitar. not exactly, just close. in the neck position i would like somthing bassy. something with a good deep lowend sound. they need to be passive, single coile and noisless. can you help me find these pickups? price is not a problem. My guitar is a washburn. stratocaster design. thank you for your time.
IMO the most acoustic sound you can get out of an ELECTRIC guitar is is the in between neck and middle single coil sound.
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IMO the most acoustic sound you can get out of an ELECTRIC guitar is is the in between neck and middle single coil sound.

Not necessarily. I get an epic acoustic sound with my neck pickup, but it sounds electric when I mix mid and neck.

It'd be kinda hard to get a thick bassy sound with single coils, I think you'd want a humbucker for that.
Personally though, for the acoustic sound, I'd recommend EMG-SAs, but I know you don't want active pickups.
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I see a few new guitars coming with piezo pickups in a cavity. Not sure how that is done but it would require an extra toggle to give normal, piezo and mix. What I have heard of them on a Tele is very impressive and I know a guy who is raving about his Cort M900 with the same system. But that is a deliberate cavity guitar. Might be worth your while doing a bit of research on the option.
As for single coil noiseless, that is not quite possible. However, many of the pickup makers claim an 'almost' noiseless design these days.
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please try to stick to the question at hand. i have only two open spots, the neck and the middle. i said what i would like. please help mme with examples of just one pickup or both and please be specific!!
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a ELECTRIC GUITAR that sounds exactly like a acoustic when plugged to a amp is a Epiphone les paul ultra or ultra II