Hi guys, hope ya all well,

As a bass player of aooh, 3 days today, I'm practicing away with sore, numb fingers and have got the tabs to Superfreak, easy and fun to do ...I'm slapping away but get lots of reverb/echo/ringing...that little Orange RB20 amp is making my PC, keyboard/printer/doors ring away in sympathy too sounds a lot louder than 20 amps...

...question: how do I damp the unplayed strings but still play the frets notes clean with my pinkies...I even tried putting rubber bands on the end of my strings helped a little but still not happy

cheers for any help

PS I thought golf/enduro riding/carp fishing was addictive, but I can do this and not get wet/dirty and wet/wet!
Try muting the strings with your spare fingers when playing.
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cheers, I'll try that

I'm finding it easier to slap open handed, but see that most good players have thier hand in a fist...is there a reason for this?

many thanks
I believe the idea is to have the hand in a loose fist so that the fingers are bent to make it easier to pop quickly.
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Some bassists use a scrunchy to dampen their strings at the nut, but I would recommend using your left hand.
Dampening the strings, with whatever, what stop the room rattling. Thats caused by you playing a certain frequency note, which causes other objects to vibrate, which is a very vague explaination, but I dont know the hard science. The long and short is that I dont think you can stop the rest of room rattling, although moving your amp will help.
Ask thefitz about the science of it all, he seems pretty up on his physics.