Thought I'd throw the solution on here for anyone having a similiar problem.

I realized last night at practice that my first bass(Dean egde1 five string-fully passive) doesn't have the problem with a dull sounding E string on certain frets so I thought that maybe it had to do with my gain. I already plug into the low gain input of my amp so I wasn't plugging into the incorrect input. All I had to do was turn the bass down to about 1/2 volume or a little above and compensate with turning the gain up on my amp. It actually cleared my tone up a lot on all strings. Very clear and deep. Great tone for playing classic rock and even metal if i turn the treble up a bit. My only guess as to the reason for this is that maybe full volume on my bass was very slightly overdriving the preamp in my bass. Even if that wasn't it I know it worked.

EDIT: If you didn't know, I posted a few days ago about problems with a dull E string sound.
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