So I was playing guitar the other day and I was adjusting the settings on my amp (Vox AD50VT) well there's a horizontal hole that runs just in front of the settings knobs that leads to the inside of the amp, and being an idiot I set my pick down on the knobs and the damn thing falls down inside the amp. I don't know what to do I'm kinda afraid it's gonna melt and break my amp but on the other hand I don't wanna be a worry wort and spend money to have it disassembled for nothing. Help do I need to get it out of there or should it be alright.
You can most likely just take the outside casing off and remove the pick I doubt its too difficult to do
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Doesn't sound like it even ended up in the chassis. If it rattles and bothers you then take the thing apart yourself and get it out.
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i did that exact same thing on that amp...

I held the amp upside down at an angle so the pick dropped onto the grill i dropped it through and used a cocktail stick to push the pick up on one side so it was vertical again and fell through the grill.

No easy. dont drop the amp on your face!

edit: you could just take the amp apart... but mine was in warranty so i didnt want to!!!!
It won't short anything out because it's non-conductive. However, You should be able to remove a couple of Philips screws and rescue the pick. Just make sure the amp is unplugged first. It's really not very hard just take your time! Remember these things are put together by non-skilled workers in a factory.
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