Great sounding amp. Just like new. Never left my house. Still under warranty. A year left. Two channels, with Master volume. Great tona at bedroom levels or cranked. Very versitile amp. Cleans are very nice with a bright switch. Takes pedals very well and has an FX Loop. The extension cabinet really opens this amp up and provides lots of bottom end. Very Marshal sounding. $775 for amp and cabinet.
Ships out of North Carolina.

Bump with a price drop. $700 gets it. This is a good deal Like new under warranty AND the extension cab. The cab is 300 by itself.

Ah I wish I didn't have to buy a car, lol. I live in NC, too. If you held it for a month or two I should be able to get it. But right now I can't.
What are the specs on the cab? Is it a 2x12 or a 1x12 and how many ohms is it?

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any interest in a peavey classic 30 (black tolex one, not tweed) that's pretty much mint? i'm about to change the power tubes since they're dying, other than that it's literally in just about perfect shape. i'd do that plus some cash, maybe? pm me back
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