The intro seems kinda long and boring and the chords got on my nerves. Mayb add some arpeggio over the top of the chords or add vocals.

I don't know what genre of music your trying to make but it seems pritty slow tempoed.
I know the chords are repetitive, I have lyrics but I just don't know what pitch they are, so I can't insert them. I don't really know what genre I'm trying to make this song, either, it's best to consider it progressive. Without all the time signature changes, it's best described as progressive in my mind due to all the changes I make to it.
I thought the intro/verse was just generic and dull. The chords just repeat and repeat again and again. I thought that the drums and bass made the song even more dull and the drum's pattern got a bit annoying but thats just my opinion. The chorus is pretty dull as well. The bridge was ok but very meh. When the solo kicked in it, it sounded very out of place and the backing rhythm to it was just annoying to the maximum. Bar 78 - 82 was way to long btw. Everything after the solo was just so out of place... I think you should work more on the solo and get it into a better direction.