Great work!

I loved the harmonisation of the two leads, the piano was very slow and soothing, no complaints about the drums (a first) and the arpeggios at the end were very well placed. My only advice would be to spice up the strings riff. When they first come in they are very strong, but after a while the constant whole notes get boring.

All in all, fantastic. 9/10
really nice stuff.
The harmony was nice, but to me, it didnt seem to suit the song. I liked the change, but maybe you could change the drums up a bit while the piano and strings repeat, otherwise its a bit too repetitive. Also, you might want to work up the drums in the song. Nothing wrong with them now, but they are really simple and this song sounds like it could use something more personalised.

i give it 7.5/10
Piano riff reminded me of something of a movie. probaby with richard gere in it maybe. sounds great though. and the solo kinda thing, fits well. and harmonising. YES.
great chords at 29. again, guitar solo, and harmonising is good.
the end didnt do much for me. But I guess it wasnt that kinda of song with a massive ending.

Everything seemed fine, it just wasnt amazing to me. Piano work was great though.



Pretty good song. Its very soft and relaxing. Loving the two guitar harmonies.
I have to agree with the need of a more interesting string line. Even just adding a few passing notes could spice it up a little bit.
The guitar part at the end is another thing that bothered me. The last couple of bars of the solo just doesnt fit the song in my opinion. I think you could do much better with an ending that contains about half the notes but more techniques like slides and bends.
Overall good song, would be alot better with vocals but i just assumed they would be added later.

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My only complaint is all of the whole notes behind the solo. Maybe arpeggiate the piano, and add more notes to the strings. Like, make them work with the guitar more, by maybe adding passing notes between each phrase of the lead. I think you should make the drumbeat change more often. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but I like to be constructive with my feedback.
I generally like to be more detailed but that's all I've got. C4C? The "untitled" in my sig preferably.