Mystic Dreammmmmm lefty!

The neck reminds me of my BC Rich Warlock. Flat neck (beautiful birds eye), not very wide, flat radius.

I'm still getting used to the Piezo, and I have to adjust it. The stock sound, without makeing adjustments, is really nice and unique. The regular pickups sound great, but not as chunky as I am used to.

The body is small, and I love that. It is very comfortable to play and the finish is absolutely stunning. The arm cutaway makes a nice spot to rest your arm.

Whammy is floating, so you can get a decent flutter (but it doesn't rival OFR or Edge). It pulls up and dive bombs, but really looks like a wilkonson or fender trem (my least favorite visual aspect of this guitar).

That's about it, I am very happy with her!
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Nice! Congrats!
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Beautiful man. I really wish to get one in the future.
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I almost got one.
that or an ESP FR-II

but i settled on a custom instead, seeing this makes me alittle sad, its so awesome.
Play it well my fellow lefty, play it well.
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Thanks everyone, the guitar is an absolute versatile dream!

Krzy8, I hit u up on the PM
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Happy NGD!

I've played a few right handed JP6's and they were great guitars. By the way, do you have any pics of the back/neck; I love the look of EBMM necks.
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Sweet guitar man
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Bonsai, I will try to snap some pictures for you of the back/neck. I'm still fiddling with the piezo settings trying to get the most natural acoustic-al sound possible.
Lefties Unite!
Happy NGD dude. Must be horrible being lefty though. Makes me feel sick when i see a lefty play.
you lucky man
you now own 1/3 of my dream guitars in the world...(the other being my strat & some kinda ESP Custom Shop Horizion 7)
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Beautiful guitar! Love the EBMM's, I'd own one if they weren't so expensive in Australia!
I hate you! hgd man! Its my dream guitar.
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