I was wondering if I was to buy parts of a tele together and put it together would it be worth my time? Like go on ebay and buy the body and stuff.
I don't think building a guitar would ever be cheaper than buying a production one.

Unless, of course, you have a really specific guitar that you want to build.

Probably be cheaper to buy a used Tele and then upgrade it to your liking.

I'd check out the Gear Building & Customizing thread.
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I think so. I have a tele made up of:
Fender USA-neck
Warmoth Swamp Ash body
All fender hardware (51 nocaster)
Dimarzio Pickups (Virtual Hot T and Twang king)
It ran me about 600$ and kicks serious arse.
i'd probably be cheaper to buy one, but if it's like the situation yellowsnow4free described, it'd be better to build one
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Well, if any Tele would do, getting a Squire, or even a MIM Fender would definitely be cheaper than finding all Tele parts. If you don't mind mixing and matching, then maybe (and that's a very weak maybe) you'd be able to put one together for a little bit less than a new one.
not enough to be worth it.
it might not be cheaper, but its worth the time and experience
if you like to do that sort of thing
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