This is the first song of many ill record. I decided to post the lyrics here to see if there should be any changes, :P crtizism apriciated.




The war is over
but the real fight has just begun
Time has passed
but my feelings grow stronger


I came home
thinking of what I've done
I came home
thinking of what I lost

I just survived a war
like a broken soldier
like romeo
But unlike him
My Juliet has gone.



I don't know
how to go on with out you
I don't know
how to live with out you
I love you.....
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I liked where it was going but I think there are a lot of thoughts or emotions that you haven't written. But if it totally expresses what you feel I think it's good
It doesnt express everything, there a still things i was planning to, put in. But I need to figure out how to put it in. It doesnt tell the whole story.

Im trying to basicly to have a song which basicly tells the story of how i broke a girls heart and how sorry I am, and how much i regret it.

The chorus should be changed...dont u think?