You show me truths
Without speaking them.
I take in memories
Bypassing the brain
And stealing the dreams inside

Just pinch me once more
You've tried this one before
There's still a wire missing
Something keeps hissing
In the workings of the mind

It's just white noise; who knows what it implies
The shielding just isn't enough.
But I don't want to politely avert my eyes
Don't want to drown out the heralding seraph.

I can't hear anything but lifeless lies now
Nets cast over me; can't stop myself thinking
I think the time may have come to take a bow,
To give up all this mindless, material wealth

Twisted thoughts lust for her;
Gnarled roots grip the mind in corruption
The noise is now the message
Fading into automation
Nothing more than binary

Enjoy, C4C if you leave a link here...
The rhyming scheme doesn't really follow a pattern except for the 3rd/4th stanza, which were amazing. Personally I think this piece is great, I feel it should be longer, but I love what I'm seeing. I really wanna hear this when it's recorded.

C4C, check my sig