I was using my 535Q, and i noticed that i can hear a slight wah naisle sound from the my amp when its disengaged, small but barely noticable.

my hardwire CM-2 is true bypass, and i dont hear any thing from it affecting my tone when its off, to make sure i but all the setting on max and turned it of, and then just went straight into my amp to see if anything changed.

nothing changed.

Is the buffer or whatever they use in the 535 really that much more worse than what they use on the digitech?

same thing with my Boss DD5, its not all that noticable like the 535Q but still experience a small tone change when its in the chain, i cant put my finger on it but theres a change, like with the 535Q, the amp sounds diffrent when its just the guitar and amp.

is the whole true bypass thing a myth ****ing with my mind or is this really happening.

what do you guys think.
There is a lot of battle around the True-bypass vs. buffer case. There is wonderfull article about it somewhere, but that just praises the buffer, and makes it seem like true-bypass sucks.

My thoughts: a good buffer is just as good as true-bypass. Even though there are a lot of pedals with bad bypass buffers, that doesn't mean all buffers suck.

It's a fact though that Crybabies have bad bypass, make it true-bypass, makes a lot of (positive) difference.
I think the 535Q's are true bypass and the older ones are not.

True bypass isn't a myth, but the value of it depends on the buffers in the pedal. A buffer can be a good thing if it doesn't color your tone. Guitar pups are weak and susceptible to tone suckage from low impedance. True bypass sends your signal through the chain and your guitar sees all the loads upon the way. I had a bad cable on my pedalboard and having a buffer in front masked the problem on bypass. It showed up when a certain pedal with a weak output was affected.

The moral of the story is that insisting on true bypass on every pedal could result in a poor signal if you have a long chain and cables that aren't totally up to snuff. But poorly designed buffered bypass isn't a good thing either. You should check with Dunlop and find out if your Wah is pre true bypass. Maybe it is true bypass and something after it is causing the tone change.
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Zachman5150 posted a thread about this a while ago, and it was actually pretty informative. See if you can find that.
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well i cant really **** on boss for the DD5 beacause its an older model, and the newer boss stuff like there OD's dont seem to have the same tone loss as the DD5.

thanks for the info man, i guese it wasnt just me.