Ive got a guitar exam coming up at college soon and i need to play a piece of music, however i am totally baffled with what to play that meets the needs for the exam.
The criteria is:

a. play at least a 48-bar 4/4 musical piece learnt from memory, to a backing track or another musician, which meets the following requirements:

i. use of dynamics;
ii. consistent time-keeping;
iii. use of arpeggios;
iv. use of chords and a solo;
v. use of at least two of the following:

• syncopation;
• muting;
• triplets;
• use of effects (wah wah, delay etc.);

vi. use of at least two intermediate playing techniques, for example:

• hammer-ons;
• pull-offs;
• tapping;
• bends.

Sounds pretty simple i know, however im just stuck with what to learn/play. I am mainly a more metal orientated guitarist, tough finding a piece that is all in 4/4 and is interesting to play which will motivate me to learn it well. i can play pretty advanced metal stuff like the faceless and some necrophagist (just to get an idea of the the tecnicality level im at)
Im open to any suggestions people may have, would be cool to have a talk about some ideas!

Many thanks guys
Not sure about 48 Bar but maybe One by Metallica? Volume changes, tempo changes, muting, wah pedal i think, etc
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I have to do this for college aswell, although without all those restrictions. I was going to do For the Love of god by steve vai, but i'm not sure if i cba learning it all so im probs gonna do a grade 8 peice instead.