what do you think the best guitar amp would be for a metallica thrashy kind of sound for around 400 bucks or below. Thanks
Does it matter if it is SS or tube and are you gigging/playing with band or just practicing?
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Wrong forum, and amps don't give a certain band's "sound". That what EQ is for.
Roland Microcube is good though, and isn't really breaking the bank..
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wrong forum, but check out a peavey vypyr, if you arent into modelling amps look at peavey valveking or something maybe a roland cube too

+1 on the valveking
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The Kirk Hammett SS Randall amps, of course. You should stretch to £549 ($719 sadly) and get the half stack.


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^no no no...

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^no no no...

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That wont get to metal on its own from what I played...
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Threads like these bug me. No specific information, and an obvious lack of knowledge for equipment and what makes the sound. But I can see that this person is a new user so I'll throw them a bone.

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That wont get to metal on its own from what I played...

It will do better than a VK.
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It will do better than a VK.

Please say you're being sarcastic....