im gonna guess and say this looks like the right place for this thread. if not just direct me in the right place please.

So im currently in a metalcore band (refer to sig). Were getting close to playing shows. So we decided to take a look at pa systems. Problem is i have no idea what im looking for that would suit us best. My price range is $200-350. Maybe more. We want to be able to plug in amps and be able to sing out of it, obviously. At least 2 people to sing out of it and at least 2 amps able to be plugged in simultaniously. The amps we play out of currently are 65w each, not to bad but we want to be able to plug into the system if we need to. We want somthing versatile that will last us whether were playing in a backyard or a decently size venue for a local band.

Links to any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Try Ebay, or you can choose phonic. The only problem with phonic is that as soon as you turn the master up past 2 the thing feedbacks like crazy, so your goona have to buy a separate 31 band EQ.